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Corals-reeftech was founded in 2018 

and designed to best serve you and the marine aquarium hobby. Our mission is to provide you with the healthiest corals delivered to your door at a fair price. We promise you the best possible and most personal customer service!


We hold all corals in our care for 30 to 60 days before listing them for sale exclusively on our website. We monitor them very closely to ensure they are in good health. We investigate what lighting, flow and placement is best for them. Then when we list them on our website, share this information with you! This costs us significantly more time, but then offers our buyers the best possible item and the highest chance of success.


Most of the corals we offer are what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). This way we can show you as a buyer exactly what you are buying. It is important to us that our images reflect color and size as accurately as possible. To achieve this we photograph under white/blue lighting to best capture the coloration of each piece. We offer some corals that are not WYSIWYG, but mainly aquacultured corals. The coral you purchase and receive in the example photo comes from the same mother colony and is almost identical in color and size.


We strive for the best packaging in the industry. Many people think that this is as simple as using quality packaging materials, which is very important in itself. However, we go many steps further by testing our packaging materials, water levels, ice packs, heat packs and other variables for extreme heat and sub-zero cold. We also log the successes and failures of our past shows to examine, research, improve, and use for future decisions.


We only support the most ethical and professional wholesalers and suppliers in the industry when purchasing our items. All items are hand-picked by us personally or based on exact pictures. This allows us to offer only the very best items to our buyers.


  • Sachkundenachweis nach §11 Tierschutzgesetz bestätigt unser Expertenwissen.
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